We have a selection of knitted fabrics and a big range of woven fabrics. Also slinky knits and polyester spandex blends with natural fibres like viscose and cotton blends. Please see the menu on the side for details of our products and swatches to view.

For COVID 19, We are currently stocked with White Spun-bond, both 25GSM and 50GSM, as well as 6 mm Black Elastic and 7 mm White Elastic.This is in order to assist you with the manufacture of Face Masks.Please Note that most of our Fabrics are breathable and suitable for Face Masks. 



Bengaline              Birds Eye                    Bizou Bizou                Boucle

Cotton                   Chiffon                       Corduroy                     Georgette

Velour                   Cut & Sew                  Denim                         Bon Bon ITY

Knit                       Koshibo                       Lace                            Polyester Fabrics

Leatherette          Lining                          Linen               Mechanical Stretch / Mini Matte

Melton                   Mesh                           Modal Cotton             Ottoman

Fleece                    Ponti De Roma           Ramie                          Rayon

Poplin                    Satins                          Scuba                          Poly Cotton – Shirting

Sequince                Silk                              Voille                          Spun

Suiting                   Taffetta                       Trilobal              Triacetate


Spandex                Suede                          Wool Peach                 Yarn Dye Stripe